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Jul 7, 2012 12:00pm EDT
'tomeols llhe it is may even a poll that, again, comes from their communities. oliver wendell holmes a tenaol ie iciver ca jushup aiinec 1 atiga m evmeg all your might. heaid in his memorial day speech that this is the fundamenlpecll ig crs teivwaashe ise. looking forward this idea of believing and wanting something with all youright that trsc anyime ari st at erin diio theor thosnirs t belief the want, and the sense of all your might giving yourself fully to something. younow, witho becoming over spialthis thg titeit ieo u phay t enry rriona s d e they try to tap into that feeling of total immersion giving yourself fully kin of the highest f oomn giver set. tti dsi waar atnirs and even in these early times where the skirmishes and confcts work technological and more about sort ofkuing amakupn emd venn esrlnfs can recognize i believe, the sentiment of a warrior. that is, this idea of a tal immersion aome rpe us in o ani vidualutnk t tr waror kind of loses himself or herself in the struggle that they recognize as being br
Jul 8, 2012 6:15am EDT
tehed onseo mbeeven a pull that comes from their communities. oliver wendell holmes was a lieutenant colonel in the san ee n18toil war anda bee th, wa meg aough he said in his memorial day speech, that this is the fundamental aspect oal alig ou t iiwrws g th l lookgrward, this idea of believing and wanting something with all your might, i think that transcends any riod in american ito unsa iesie ofwrsos e eeft aandthe sense of all your might give yourself fully to something. without becoming overly spirl,s ethi ii b e t , pte nt tiror e afrinhey maybe try to tap into the feeling of total immersion in something, giving yourself holy, some of the highestform i wae imoisinosianloe er and even in these early years were the skirmishes and a complex were less technological and more about sort of call ulg,uheteup thy cofic gni believe that the sentiment of a warrior. and that is this idea of a total immersion in someknd of thofoenq vis, iinre wrims or herself in a struggle that ey recognize as eing broader an himself. i think tat aybe from rsiv e me methadmifi soor i the past. you alluded
Jul 7, 2012 8:30pm EDT
holmes, a lieutenant colonel and the american civil war and later became justice of the supreme court said in a speech in 1884 hed sis g inwaryo fundamental pect of all fours, small, big -- of course the big en he wastigcap,h ok ord,i da f the leave them wanting something with all your might. i think that transcends and is certainly a dimension of the art of war that islmost universal, of ymi ggens wit miverly spiritual, this is some thing that is a little bit alien to usperhaps in the 21st century. i k ioor ayalndceay to ithelof a ng yourself fully is the highest form of compassion and love is to givyour all to someing. itink's densi o anen searro wthiss liarsstogl d more about skulking, ambushes, sneaking up on an evn e cnfs, tianog, war.snihe iisa total abortion in some kind of the purpose. although sometimes like to think of ourselves as niqu trar simot rsinugt recognize is even broader than themselves. i think i may be from my perspective a scene that some other readers might find quite tein. iofvihti pa tr tr h u de vam particular. in the 196s, maybe this feeling of obligation
Jul 22, 2012 9:30am EDT
defeats. anyhow, take it back from bill holmes in one piece. at the three planes, the only one they had a very german fighter or a red flag rooney speeseven team be achieved. cronkhite survived. vicars survives an old soldier. and make it back to molesworth by deciding me that the since elsberry and a top public relations officer at the airport and make it in very bad news. robert perkins posed good and an original fraternity member, reporter from "the new york times" had been shut down. they seem to parachutes come out of the p. 24, but sadly was not one of them. and that's ended very abruptly the writing 69th. very big big plans for them to go on constant bombing missions. but as soon as people realize just how perilous it was, palazzolo council. now, bernie ended up going on for more missions over the third-grade. earning his air medal. cronkite went on an incredible mission must be 26 has come altitudes. in february night in 44, five months before d-day, cronkite went on an attack over the pot of calais. the v1 rocket launch sites. but he gets home and he cannot say in his article t
Jul 29, 2012 9:15am EDT
in houston but in churches and holmes in small group bible studies all over the country and several places in the world. i pray that you would be with us and that you would reveal to us your heart for this country and what you are saying to the churches and to our leaders at every level of our society. be gracious to us and died as we pray in the name of our lord and savior jesus christ, amen. when i was working on this book "implosion," i happened to be in a phone call with the governor of the state in the united states american governor and we were talking about israel and radical islam and what was happening in the middle east. that is my major focus. those are the books i write about and what is happening in israel and in the epicenter as i call it. in relationship to bible prophecy but also here and now in the geopolitical world that we live in and that is the conversation we were having. the governor is interested in those things, that is what we are talking about. it being a year approaching the political season he asked me what i thought about what was happening in the political re
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5